Carbine 102 - May 12, 2018 - Lebanon, PA

Carbine 102 - May 12, 2018 - Lebanon, PA
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You must fill out and submit a Class Application Form prior to attending this class. The form can be found here.

Unless otherwise noted, the AR-15 platform will be used as the primary weapon for demonstration in all carbine courses, but all other modern rifle/carbines can be used. This class is for the more experienced shooter and is faster paced and covers more info than our Carbine 101. It lays the foundation of the Rockwell Mindset approach to combat shooting. It gives you some of your first stress inoculation to prepare you for a real world fight.  This class is about your preparation to save life not score points in some video game.  All principles taught are the same as those used by elite forces of our country. The speed of the class will be adjusted to the experience level of the participants. Please come with your weapon already zeroed.


Length: 1 day class
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Type: Hands-On Training
Audience: Everyone
Prerequisites: None
Topics Covered:
  • The 8 fundamentals of shooting
  • Zero
  • Natural point of aim
  • Slings
  • Malfunctions
  • Foundation drills
What to Bring: Rifle / Carbine, Approximately 500 rounds of ammo, Weather appropriate clothing, Pants with belt, 3 Magazines, Rifle Sling, Eye and Hearing protection, Rifle cleaning kit
Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club
1805 Russell Road
Annville, PA 17003


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