Pistol/Carbine 325 Master Class JR - Sep. 10, 2018 - Towanda, PA

Pistol/Carbine 325 Master Class JR - Sep. 10, 2018 - Towanda, PA
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You must fill out and submit a Class Application Form prior to attending this class. The form can be found here.

This volume of the RTG Master Class will be taught by Jared Ross and will focus on using both the Pistol and Long Rifle as one complete system.  The transition to and from your primary to secondary weapon should be smooth and instantaneous. The day will be spent performing some arduous drills with a high round count. There will be drills with movement and use of cover.  Students will find themselves in uncomfortable positions and exhausted by the end of the day. Physical condition should be appropriate for such activity. Some drills will be based around real world situations, not sport competitions trying to shoot balloons faster than the next guy. 

This is an advanced course, students should have a training background appropriate to this. There will be a pass/fail drill at the end of class. You may not leave with anything more than some new skills and awesome memories, but it will still be worth the price of admission. The AR-15 platform will be used as the primary weapon for carbine demonstration, but all other modern rifle/carbines can be used.

This is an all day class. We will be pausing around noon for lunch. Lunch will be provided. 


Length: 1 day class
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Type: Hands-On Training
Audience: Everyone
Prerequisites: Pistol 201 and Carbine 201 or equivalent
Topics Covered:
  • Transitions
  • Equipment and kit placement
  • Use of cover and barricades
  • Malfunctions and stoppages
  • Target recognition and discrimination
  • Advanced drills throughout the day
What to Bring: Rifle/Carbine, Pistol, Approximately 400 rounds of ammo per firearm, Weather appropriate clothing, Pants with belt, 4 Magazines per firearm, Outside the pants holster, Mag pouches, Rifle Sling, Eye and Hearing protection, Rifle/Pistol cleaning kit, WATER.
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