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RTG Target
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RTG1 and RTG2 target
4 Color Silhouette and Discretionary Target
Black, Red, Yellow and Blue
Size 24" x 36"

Rockwell Tactical Group 1 and 2 targets are a black outline silhouette target. They have 9 discretionary sub-targets for use in command training. Our targets use a heavy stock and can hold up after (or even during) a rainstorm - trust us, we know!

The 9 sub-targets are solid shapes filled with the 3 primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. The shapes are arranged and numbered in random order with black and white numbers for further discretionary ID.

RTG target features:

  • The triangle on the head represents the "Cranial Triangle", the area between the ears and upper lip. A shot to the central nervous system in this area will kill instantly, stopping the threat from any harmful act.
  • The circle (RTG1 target) or square (RTG2 target) in the chest is center mass, over the heart.
  • The square (RTG1 target) or circle (RTG2 target) is over the groin and femoral arteries.
  • Grey skull on the left shoulder (RTG1) or right shoulder (RTG2)

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  • RTG1 = 10 RTG1 targets
  • RTG2 = 10 RTG2 targets
  • RTG 50/50 = 5 RTG1 and 5 RTG2 targets
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